BBC News – 8/7/2019

The fact that Tsipras managed to stay in power for four years despite breaking his pledges is a testimony to his political talent,” says Professor George Pagoulatos of the Athens University of Economics.

“His party, Syriza, now carries an ideology so different from the policies he’s applied that it’s meaningless – the main thing holding the party together is Tsipras,” Prof Pagoulatos says.

“He has a good chance of doing much of what he promises, with a more competent team around him,” says Prof Pagoulatos.

“And his victory shows that populism is a cyclical phenomenon, more than a trend.

“When populists are tried in power, they face the same constraints of mainstream governments – and don’t necessarily respond more successfully. In Greece’s case, they were inept and brought the country to the brink of economic collapse.”

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