AP – 11/2/2021

Press February 12, 2021 Comments

George Pagoulatos said Greece was hoping to exploit its position as a longstanding member of the EU and NATO to build alliances. “The participant countries share a support of the territorial status quo and United Nations maritime law, and opposition to border revisionism, religious radicalization, and Turkey’s expansionist role in the eastern Mediterranean,” Pagoulatos, told the AP.

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Carnegie Europe – 10/12/2020

Press December 15, 2020 Comments

Europe understands it needs to get tougher on China, treating it as a systemic rival and a security challenge, not just a trade partner. But the position is not homogenous—Europe needs to forge a common approach within. Europe’s trade competitiveness—and Germany’s in particular, given its export and investment exposure to China—nurtures economic dependency and geopolitical timidity. Europeans realize they cannot…

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HANDELSBLATT – 19/7/2020

Press August 5, 2020 Comments

“Certain governments used the pandemic for their own purposes,” explains George Pagoulatos in the interview he gave Gerd Höhler and newspaper Handelsblatt. “Viktor Orban in Hungary and Recep Tayip Erdoğan in Turkey are examples of politicians that took advantage of the pandemic in order to limit democratic rights and extend their own strength,” argues Pagoulatos. He notes that Greece is…

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The Washington Post – 28/5/2020

Press June 1, 2020 Comments

“It’s much more defensible today. There is a humanistic rationale in it. It’s not any more the lazy Southerners eating our taxes by retiring at age 50,” said George Pagoulatos, who battled northern European closed-fistedness as an economic adviser to Greece’s prime minister and now runs the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy.

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