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Greece: on a new ‘mission impossible’? – International Politics and Society 5/9/2018

Academic Publications September 6, 2018 Comments

The completion of Greece’s bailout programmes leaves no room for celebration. Greece has lost a quarter of its GDP from 2008, unemployment is at 20 per cent, one out of three Greeks are below the poverty threshold, youth unemployment affects four out of ten young Greeks. Over 400,000 people have emigrated, including some of the best and brightest. Prolonged austerity…

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New Pact for Europe – National Report, Greece, June 2017

Academic Publications July 11, 2017 Comments

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY State of the Union: At 60, the European Union (EU) can take pride in an unrivalled record of historical achievement. Among others, European integration has transformed the EU periphery. While the integration acquis needs to be consolidated and expanded, the EU faces an unprecedented “polycrisis”. At its core, and main cause of Europe’s vulnerability, lies the Eurozone crisis.…

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