POLITICO Brussels Playbook – 6/4/2021

Featured Press April 7, 2021 Comments

TURKEY ON THE AGENDA DRIVING THE DAY: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is joining European Council chief Charles Michel on the last leg of his trip around the EU’s neighborhood, with a joint mission seeking to achieve better relations with Turkey. Watching them most closely will be Greece and Cyprus, as always — but there’s more at stake…

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Germany’s stance on the Greece-Turkey dispute: A view from Athens – 23/3/2021

Press March 26, 2021 Comments

ELIAMEP and FES Athens Office want to draw the attention of the German public and experts towards the Greek perspective and are looking forward to reactions from both Greece and Germany. Tensions between Greece and Turkey reached a peak in the second half of 2020. During that time, the German Government was head of the Council of the European Union.While…

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AP – 11/2/2021

Press February 12, 2021 Comments

George Pagoulatos said Greece was hoping to exploit its position as a longstanding member of the EU and NATO to build alliances. “The participant countries share a support of the territorial status quo and United Nations maritime law, and opposition to border revisionism, religious radicalization, and Turkey’s expansionist role in the eastern Mediterranean,” Pagoulatos, told the AP.

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