40 years that opened up Greece – RTP 8/6/2021

Press June 13, 2021 Comments

In an interview for the Portuguese Public Broadcaster RTP, George Pagoulatos talks about the 40 years of Greek participation in the EU, European support for its members in the face of the crisis, and the incompleteness of the Union when it comes to providing the security guarantees its members need. You can watch the intervention here, after the 10th minute.

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Handelsblatt – 5/5/2021

Press May 11, 2021 Comments

Ιn a comment for the German newspaper Handelsblatt, George Pagoulatos explains that Greece looks favourably upon the German Greens’ candidate for the Chancellorship, Annalena Baerbock, as it hopes that she will support deeper Eurozone integration and keep a stricter stance towards Turkey. You can find the article (in German) here  

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POLITICO Brussels Playbook – 6/4/2021

Featured Press April 7, 2021 Comments

TURKEY ON THE AGENDA DRIVING THE DAY: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is joining European Council chief Charles Michel on the last leg of his trip around the EU’s neighborhood, with a joint mission seeking to achieve better relations with Turkey. Watching them most closely will be Greece and Cyprus, as always — but there’s more at stake…

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Germany’s stance on the Greece-Turkey dispute: A view from Athens – 23/3/2021

Press March 26, 2021 Comments

ELIAMEP and FES Athens Office want to draw the attention of the German public and experts towards the Greek perspective and are looking forward to reactions from both Greece and Germany. Tensions between Greece and Turkey reached a peak in the second half of 2020. During that time, the German Government was head of the Council of the European Union.While…

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