POLITICO Brussels Playbook – 6/4/2021

Featured Press April 7, 2021 Comments

TURKEY ON THE AGENDA DRIVING THE DAY: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is joining European Council chief Charles Michel on the last leg of his trip around the EU’s neighborhood, with a joint mission seeking to achieve better relations with Turkey. Watching them most closely will be Greece and Cyprus, as always — but there’s more at stake…

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Prospects of Eurozone Recovery – FEPS Progressive Yearbook 2021

Featured February 25, 2021 Comments

George Pagoulatos has contributed to the Collective Volume ‘FEPS Progressive Yearbook 2021′ of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies with a chapter on “Prospects of a eurozone recovery.” In the Volume, among many prominent contributors, you may find chapters by László Andor, Andrew Watt, Maria João Rodrigues and Xavier Prats Monné. You may find all the contributions to the Yearbook…

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“Deepening the EMU as a win-win: How to keep the reform debate alive” in Yes we should! EU priorities for 2019-2024, Challenge Europe, April 2019

Featured May 4, 2019 Comments
George Pagoulatos, addresses the Challenge of the EMU deepening in a special issue of EPC’s “Challenge Europe” titled: “Yes, we Should! EU priorities for 2019-2024”. In his contribution, Deepening the EMU as a win-win: How to keep the reform debate alive, Prof. Pagoulatos argues that despite some institutional tinkering since 2010, the eurozone remains underequipped to face the next big crisis. That is…

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Are left-wing policies feasible within the eurozone? – ekathimerini.com 1/12/2015

Articles and Op-Eds Featured December 2, 2015 Comments

Theoretically, Greece should have been a laboratory of left-wing policies, with its terrible combination of inequality, poverty and unemployment. But how feasible are left-wing policies within the eurozone? The question is relevant, not only because of the SYRIZA-led government in Greece, but also due to the prospect of a leftist coalition in Portugal. Global capitalism is conducive to leftist protest,…

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