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EU must react, but also look ahead – 23/04/2022

Articles and Op-Eds April 26, 2022 Comments

What responsibility does the European Union have to intervene in a war it didn’t cause, involving a country beyond its political borders? The same responsibility an adult has when they witness a child being beaten up by the neighborhood bully. Intervention is a moral duty; indeed, there is even a legal responsibility to protect. Europe’s values will be null and…

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The wicked chess player and Catherine the Great – Kathimerini 13/03/2022

Articles and Op-Eds March 14, 2022 Comments

George Pagoulatos explains that Putin “with one move managed to revive NATO, to unite Europe against it, to boost European defense integration, to ridicule all his friends (from Trump, to Le Pen, to Salvini), to justify anti-Russian atavism and turn a “brotherly” neighboring nation into an enemy.” Click to read the article, in Greek.

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