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Judy Asks: Is Migration Europe’s Achilles Heel? – CARNEGIEEUROPE.EU – 24/11/2022

Articles and Op-Eds December 2, 2022 Comments

Migration is putting Europe to shame. Thousands of desperate people, many fleeing war and persecution, are dying in the Mediterranean. This represents a humanitarian tragedy and a European failure. EU entry points for migrants—Italy, Spain, Greece—are in the spotlight. They have a point when they request solidarity from other EU member states in developing a truly common migration and asylum…

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What the European Political Community is and what it is not. – KATHIMERINI 16/10/2022

Articles and Op-Eds October 10, 2022 Comments

Forty-four European leaders, all the current and candidate EU member-states, the whole of geographical Europe and its neighborhood to the east, as far as Armenia and Azerbaijan. The European Political Community (EPoC) Summit was an important event, at the level of symbolism if nothing else. And beyond that? President Emmanuel Macron’s initiative seeks to consolidate the EU’s position as the…

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Macron at the UN – Kathimerini 01/10/2022

Articles and Op-Eds September 30, 2022 Comments

How much authoritarianism can a society take when they can have a measure of comparison with the free world? In Russia, citizens are reacting to Vladimir Putin’s military conscription by voicing their dissent or by queuing to exit the country. In Iran, the “guardians of morality” are shock testing their theocracy’s resilience against the resistance of brave women aspiring for…

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