Greece: on a new ‘mission impossible’? – International Politics and Society 5/9/2018

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The crisis has left a crippling impact on Greece’s economy and society. The post-bailout path to recovery will be steep. The completion of Greece’s bailout programmes leaves no room for celebration. Greece has lost a quarter of its GDP from 2008, unemployment is at 20 per cent, one out of three Greeks are below the poverty threshold, youth unemployment affects…

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Bloomberg – 27/4/2015

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“The government negotiation has wasted much precious time, and lost far too many of Greece’s friends abroad,” George Pagoulatos, a professor of European politics and economy at the Athens University of Economics and Business, said. “An urgent reshuffle was needed, to streamline the negotiation and put forward a team that can enjoy greater credibility in the eyes of the partners,”…

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