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The time is up! A realistic proposal to end Greece’s debt overhang – VoxEu 17/11/2016

Articles and Op-Eds November 17, 2016 Comments

Chris Marsh, Dominik Nagly, George Pagoulatos, Elias Papaioannou t is now seven years since the Greek crisis began. As well as reflecting the chronic deficiencies of its own institutions, the failings in Greece also reflect substantial shortcomings in international institutions. This column argues that it is time for all sides to move on, and proposes a simple debt operation for…

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An odious prosecution – 23/8/2016

Articles and Op-Eds August 23, 2016 Comments

“There is nothing more unpredictable than the past,” experts on Soviet-era methods used to say. Government has the means to elevate its story into official history. It can create scapegoats to deflect attention from the real culprits. It can devise diversions and fictitious conspiracies. It can propagate hearsay, which with the help of unscrupulous media will become “news,” and with…

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Are left-wing policies feasible within the eurozone? – 1/12/2015

Articles and Op-Eds Featured December 2, 2015 Comments

Theoretically, Greece should have been a laboratory of left-wing policies, with its terrible combination of inequality, poverty and unemployment. But how feasible are left-wing policies within the eurozone? The question is relevant, not only because of the SYRIZA-led government in Greece, but also due to the prospect of a leftist coalition in Portugal. Global capitalism is conducive to leftist protest,…

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The EU Bailout for Greece: Making it our Own – Confrontations Europe, July – September 2015

Articles and Op-Eds October 6, 2015 Comments

Extract of Confrontations Europe, La Revue n°110 (in French) After 6 years of Great Depression, Greece signed its 3rd Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in August, an understanding with its EU partners as to the conditions for being bailed out yet again. What should we think about this deal?  First, the size of fiscal adjustment required. The program envisages a gradual…

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