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The growth challenge for Europe and the EMU – EPC, Challenges and new beginnings: Priorities for the EU’s new leadership – September 2014

Articles and Op-Eds October 10, 2014 Comments

  The European economy is slowly and painfully striving to reemerge from the last six years of crisis. It was a crisis of enormous intensity and contagiousness, given the unprecedented depth of global financial integration combined with the systemic flaws in the EMU architecture. And it is not over, as the high levels of unemployment and the growing divergence between…

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SYRIZA’s painful trilemma – 24/9/2014

Articles and Op-Eds Featured September 25, 2014 Comments

The world in which our desires materialize provided we strongly want it is a perfect world. It has only one weakness: it exists in our imagination – and in bad literature. Students of politics prefer to focus not on the power of will, but on the impact of external constraints. Practitioners of politics and policymakers naturally tend to blame outside…

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The Euroskeptics’ delusions – ekathimerini 4/6/2014

Articles and Op-Eds June 6, 2014 Comments

Brutal and diverse, coarse and noisy, the enemies of the European Union are inside the gates. Chauvinists and angry anti-capitalists, neo-Nazis and drunkards, charlatans and demagogues, they spit hatred, they flatter insecurities, they profit from indignation. They come with a simple solution for every complex problem: It is all the fault of the EU and the euro; their dissolution would…

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Deutschlands Nachbarn blicken auf die Wahl – ZEIT ONLINE 6/9/2013

Articles and Op-Eds September 10, 2013 Comments

Diese Bundestagswahl findet in einem sehr besonderen Moment der europäischen Geschichte statt. In den kommenden Monaten wird sich entscheiden, was aus den Plänen einer soliden politischen Fiskal- und Bankenunion werden wird. In diesem Sinne wird die Bundestagswahl mit Sicherheit einige Veränderungen in der gesamten EU herbeiführen. Einige Entscheidungen sind schon längst fällig. Zum einen muss man dringend den Teufelskreis unterbrechen,…

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